How special experiences during your travels will elevate your memories.

Why this blog

I’ll show you the link between places and experiences that make every trip even more personal than you thought possible. Discover something from your past that links you and the location in a magical way.

Why travel

Just picking random locations can work, but finding the intrinsic value in a place makes travel memories that last beyond that trip. Ignite the one thing that takes you out of your everyday life, even while you sit in your chair just using your memory to spark that feeling you had while out traveling the world.

About me: I have enjoyed a life of communicating through writing, starting with editing my high school newspaper back in the ‘60s. That eventually led me to a career at The Wall Street Journal in Ad Sales, putting communication to work. That finally took me to teaching the skill of writing to young students. Now retired, I use my writing to voice my enjoyment of travel.

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Think about your experiences in cities you’ve traveled to visit. What sense helps you retain it in your mind? Of course, the eyes have it, seeing the sights is why you go and what you do when traveling. But next up: I would vote for the tastebuds. I can recall great meals in most ofContinue reading “TASTE, CHICAGO STYLE”


It all started here for many of us: our language, our literature, and our democratic government. For much of the 60’s, even their music and fashion crossed over to the United States and other countries. Yes, even my favorite spy came out of England. However, a unique ambiance comes from something that many Americans adore,Continue reading “EYE SPY LONDON”

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